I DON'T NEED YOU ANY MORE by Arthur Miller


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Arthur Miller is an eminently criticizable writer. He is a big man so his faults as a writer are commensurately big. His short stories -- nine of them here, written over the past fifteen years for his own pleasure -- are not exempted from his failings. Some of the stories reek with the self pity of the overloved, others are ambitiously mawkish. One of them, previously unpublished, should never have been published at all. But no matter! The two O. Henry Award winners herein are stunning. I Don't Need You Any More is a brilliant evocation of a small boy's fantasies, perceptions, and pitiless needs set in a bleak beach community after season during the Jewish holidays. The tone he sustains could be a lesson to all short story writers. Monte Sant' Angelo concerns the journey of two buddies -- one Jewish the other of Italian derivation -- to an isolated rocky mountain top community in Italy, where the Italian searches for his living relative and visits the family crypt. The Jew comes to the realization of what family can mean as a victory over ""the brainless crush of history."" The Misfits, the story on which the motion picture was based, is a disappointment. One sees a rather nice comic side to Miller in Fame. This is an important book for those who seek to understand the work of Arthur Miller better, and a very superior collection of short stories.

Publisher: Viking