TED WILLIAMS: A Biography of the Kid by Arthur Sampson

TED WILLIAMS: A Biography of the Kid

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The American League companion to the Jackie Robinson biography in the Most Vol. able Player Series Winner of the 1949 award, Ted Williams has always had an extensive and voluble press concerning his activities on and off the field. Believed by many to be the greatest slugger in the game today, Williams as a personality is a feature-writer's dream. This biography by a Boston newswriter, however, concentrates on the development in batting and fielding since Williams' days with the San Diego club. In a recapitulation of his career -- actually nothing more than a rehash of game reports -- the author reviews successes in batting records, All-Star games, and crucial series. Admirers or critics of this lively personality will be disappointed in the portrait here stretched as it is to saint dimensions. Really a sports ""quickie"" ripe for regional sales and for those interested in collecting the series. Not a patch on the Jackie Robinson.

Publisher: A. S. Barnes