MEN AND MEASURES IN THE LAW by Arthur T. Vanderbilt


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Formerly dean of N.Y.U. law school and now Chief Justice of the revised New Jersey court system, Mr. Vanderbilt delivered last Spring the four lectures of the William W. Cook foundation at the University of Michigan. These lectures deal with the faults and proposed cures of the American legal system:- the lack of consolidated statute books for use of the lawyer -- the lawyer's aversion to statute law- American legal distaste for criminal law with a concurrent lack of needed protection for constitutional rights- the errors carried forward into our legal system by our heritage of frontier law- suggested changes in the law and some recent improvements in the federal and state judicial orders. A quick look at the method of legal research, its weaknesses and its strong points and a survey of some of the more recent attempts at improving the lawyer's tools of his trade. Clear and pertinent for lawyers and laymen. Limited market.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf