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LORCA: The Poet and His People by Arturo Barca

LORCA: The Poet and His People


Publisher: Harcourt, Brace

A splendid book of interpretation of the poetry and drama of the Spanish pot Federico Garcia Lorca, beloved poet murdered by presumably the Falangists in the early days of the revolution. While intellectuals have praised, the average reader of poetry has found him obscure. This obscurity Barca, a contemporary, succeeds in dispelling by a deep understanding of the poet's nature and the exclusively Spanish traditions in which he was rooted,- Spanish landscape, Spanish mores about women, their attitudes toward love and homor, their preoccupation with death. Add to these gypsy traditions and a language of spontaneous imagery, and you have the ingredients of pure poetry. Bara does his best to clarify these roots of Lorca's culture, to explain what this super-sensitive youth was expressing about his country- for his countrymen. On the whole, despite a clumsy use of English and awkward style, Barca succeeds. Recommended to poets, poetry lovers, students of Spanish and of contemporary history, for he makes it apparent that Spain was the very archetype and microcosm for the continuing revolution of our day.