CHINESE TESTAMENT by As told to S. Tretiakov


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The story of -Sohi , a young Chinese student born on the banks of the Yangtse, of a father who was one of the revolutionary aids of Sun Yat Sen. The Russian, S. Tretiakov, met the boy at the University of Peking, and there got his story, here translated from the Russian. The youth has since then disappeared into the interior....Against the turbulent background of China in the throes of revolution, the reader gets the drama of Chinese family life, in an upper middle class household where the elaborate customs and traditions of a naive yet cultured class are faithfully revealed. Whether one looks upon this as an absorbing and strangely fascinating human document, or as a fragmentary history, or as a political treatise, or as subtle socialistic propaganda, one is amply repaid. For the market of HOUSE OF EXILE.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1934
Publisher: Simon & Schuster