JUST ONE CAT by Asa Wilgus


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An unassuming story of a couple and a cat which with less of the full narrative treatment of Gaillco's has more perhaps of homely, everyday incidents. The Stillwells have retired to an island off Maine where Thomas is mate of the Islands' mail bond and at first he will have nothing to do with the kitten Myra adopts. But Bill wins him with perseverance and independence and when a storm brings disaster. It is Bill's comfort they think about as they travel to California. Having a pt drives them from one lodging place to another and their and idleness undermines their self confidence. Bill in caught and sold to but escapes; Thomas and Myra are accepted for a job, in Louisiana, without Bill and when a good home for him is offered, they leave him behind. But Bill escapes to find a living near his old home and wait for his family's return. No humanized animals or fairy story qualities here but a might be true account of humans, very nice, and their companion cat, which, avoiding the sentimental, handles its sentiment agreeably.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1952
Publisher: A.A. Wyn