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GERMANY by Ashley Evanson


A Book of Opposites

From the Hello, World! series

by Ashley Evanson ; illustrated by Ashley Evanson

Pub Date: July 20th, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-593-22399-4
Publisher: Penguin Workshop

Part of a series that rolls geographical locations and early-learning concepts into one, this title presents some iconic landmarks and cultural features of Germany while introducing the concept of opposites.

This book begins with a double-page spread showing two villages on either side of a river: “This Bavarian village is NEAR. / That Bavarian village is FAR.” A spread with cuckoo clocks depicts a group of them with windows and doors closed; they are “QUIET.” Opposite them is a group with characters popping out of windows and doors as the hour strikes; they are “LOUD.” In the Black Forest, children see both pine trees that are “the SAME” and pine trees that are “DIFFERENT.” In the Alps one hiker is at the “BOTTOM,” and another is on “TOP.” Neuschwanstein Castle is “HOT” in the summer and “COLD” in the winter. Some traditional Bavarian outfits—lederhosen and dirndls—are “PLAIN,” and others, adorned and embroidered, are “FANCY.” Finally, in the German capital, Berlin, a daytime representation of the Brandenburg Gate has the sun to the “LEFT,” and a nighttime one has the moon to the “RIGHT.” The stylized illustrations are attractive, colorful, and child friendly. Adult readers may wish to brush up on their German geography before engaging their young listeners.

An accessible introduction for young armchair travelers.

(Board book. 2-4)