STATEMENT ON RACE by Ashley Montagu


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Montagu, a Professor of Anthropology who was one of the members of the Committee which drafted the UNESCO statement of race, amplifies that statement here in a chapter by chapter analysis of its twenty-one paragraphs. This then is the biological concept of race as against the social concept which permits so many faulty misconceptions, fact as against myth, in which you will find that all men belong to one species, made up of a number of populations, and differing in the incidence of certain genes; that there are only three major divisions into which all races fall; that there are no mental -- or temperamental -- or personality differences in these divisions; and that it is wrong to designate certain national- or religious- groups as races. A substantiation and clarification of an abused and misused term, this should be important (in many cases required) reading, with particular value for schools.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1951
Publisher: Henry Schuman