NO CERTAIN ANSWER by Aubrey Toulmin Carney


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Captain Even Starr, at a New Mexico air training base, has to learn many things, restyle his thinking, before he can admit he loves young, disastrous Conners, daughter of the C.O. Starr, tied to the dream of a lost love, hoping but despairing of being sent overseas, concentrates on the local immediate problems,-romances of the young officers, arrival of the doctor's new wife, the shaky marriage of yet another couple, several deaths of young pilots. But nothing helps him clarify his feeling for Conners. He gets a lead from one of the young officers- ""from the time we're born we're hooked together, tied to this one an' that one. There aint no such thing as breaking free"". Once the pattern takes hold, Starr is brought to his senses by his acceptance of the fact, and of his part in all the others' lives. Pointed up pictorially, this explores a kind of petrified forest existence, and has sometimes a poignant, romantic effect, but loses that effect by too intense an effort to impress. A novel of human relationships for an adult market.

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 1947
Publisher: Harper