TO HELL AND BACK by Audie Murphy


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A combination of factors may push this into fast selling ranks, but I confess to still having fingers crossed on personal war memoirs. But here are the factors. Audie Murphy was winner of more medals than any other GI. He's made the grade- but by a rocky road of poverty and idealism- in Hollywood. His first picture, Bad Boy is soon to be released, and feature stories have a bonanza in him....But- and this is the most important factor of all, To Hell and Back is an extraordinarily vivid piece of authentic personal experience which immortalizes the boys who didn't make it back from the beaches of Anzio and Salerno, the cross France race, the Colmar Pocket, and so on. Blood- guts- and genitals- and more than a generous savoring of heart. Strong meat, but those who could take The Naked and the Dead will recognize this as convincingly authentic, undramatized source material. Holt i putting a lot behind it.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1949
ISBN: 0805070869
Publisher: Henry Holt