I START COUNTING by Audrey Erskine Lindop
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You won't need the fingers on your other hand to tick off the number of agreeable entertainments this season--and this one's told by saucy, spunky Wynne Kinch, from the Remand Home where she's being held as an accessory to murder. Actually it's all about her family by proxy, her Grandad who raises mice, and her twin cousins Nellie and Len (and he's a queer one--reading about Simenon's strangler over and over while there's a real one at large in the neighborhood) but particularly their half-brother George, to whom she's unsuitably devoted. He's old enough to be her father. But then, he's had blackouts ever since his girl died, and now his sweater has ugly bloodstains, and he makes evasive sorties to the deserted Collins Wood, and her friend Corinne is the latest victim, and.... This would have been perfect for Hailey Mills a few years ago; it's a susceptible suspense story, easy to like, hard to put down.

Publisher: Doubleday