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SERENGET I by Audrey Moore



Publisher: Scribner

A bit of elusive charm, two fisted sport and first hand big game study. Giraffes learning to gauge the length of their necks to drink from a pool, wild beast calves staggering to their feet, Mignon and Mignette, the little dik-diko daintiest and tiniest of all the group, the sour, old maid furious at being caught in a moment of frustration, these and a dozen others delight the reader while the lions sleep, eat and play all around until one takes them quite as much for granted as one's host's dog or cat. The market includes big game hunters, candid camera enthusiasts (the photographs are especially fine) the Bambi market, and anyone who enjoys a book that is different. Written by the Game Warden's young wife on the Serenget game sanctuary at Banagi in Tanganyika.