HAPPY APPLE TOLD ME by Audrey Penn Zellan


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The Isits dip their tails in the multicolored sky and leave trails of color as they fly. They paint rainbows and ribbons to share among the stars and have them delivered by flutterbye."" And that's the kind of lollipop-colored sludge you get from Happy Apple, who takes Christie and her three imaginary friends (a cat Suree who changes color, a pink and blue mushroom named Andrew, and Tehsbo a four-legged tattletail in saddle shoes) riding on a dream to the home of the Isits. Also encountered are a magical That and a Hug in a Kiss-me tree, and when the visitors return their good friend Memory comes with them. Unlike even the stickiest of real candy apples, this one is gooey to the core.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Page count: 55pp
Publisher: Independence