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The crown for the Snow Queen contest is stolen three times before the contest begins, and though Valentine finds it all three times, he can't find his own beloved ski hat. The mayor's wife steals the crown because she's been Snow Queen five years in a row and is afraid that her husband-- the contest's judge--won't pick her again since Lily Pomp, ""the beautiful actress,"" who also wants to be Snow Queen, has complained. Lily Pomp steals the crown from the safe where the mayor's wife has put it; the mayor steals the crown from Lily Pomp: ""No crown, no contest, no one is angry."" Detective Valentine judges the contest and chooses his friend Rosie as Snow Queen. He finds his ski hat behind his easy chair, where the North Wind has blown it. Most of the events in the pictures take place behind falling snow; there is some searching to be done to follow the story. The wondrous crown appears for the first time in disappointing black-and-white, as does the flamboyant Lily, almost too small to see; Rosie is never shown in full color in her queenly finery, though the snowy town is. Since no criteria are given for the honor of Snow Queen, it does seem as if who you know is pretty important to winning. Still, many readers will enjoy the commotion and gladly ferret out the story from among the snowflakes.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1987
Page count: 40pp
Publisher: Harper & Row