THE TENT SHOW SUMMER by August Derleth


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Steve Grandon and Sim Jones, the irrepressible perpetrators of the Mill Creek Irregulars, are at it again, but this time their sleuthing is relatively intellectual compared to the rescue of a lady in distress and the capture of train robbers, in previous books. The setting continues to be Sac Prairie, Wisconsin, and the surpporting characters still include, Pete, Mike, Gramps and the long suffering parents of the protagonists. Traditionally, summer in Sac Prairie means the rollicking arrival of Brooks Stock Company, a tent show the inhabitants eagerly look forward to. This summer an air of mystery pervades the show, automatically attracting the attention of Steve and Sim. Who could be threatening the owners and why should anyone want the worthless property on which they perform? With these riddles comes the first challenge leading to a series of events involving a greedy town official and his secret unscrupulous occupation of embezzlement. Again Steve's lively imagination complements Sim's practical good sense as the amateur detectives prove their talent in the homey fashion readers have come to enjoy. The plot here moves at a somewhat slower pace than in earlier books, but fans will not complain.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce