THE NIGHT SIDE by August- Ed. Derleth


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Twenty three tales of the eric and the evil, of nightmare, spectral worlds, of possessions, apparitions, and other phantom phenomena. This is the third in a series,- Sleep No More and Who Knocks? The stories in this volume are largely unfamiliar, so those whose appetite is all-consuming, will welcome new material. Among the better known contributors are H.P. Lovecraft, Marjorie Bowen, Arthur Machen, Walter de la Mare, Lord Dunsany; but in the main, the authors are unknowns. For special flavor, try Marjorie Bowen's Nightmare; Ray Bradley's The Smiling People; Robert Bloch's Enoch. Numerous anthologies have been published for this reviving interest in gothic tales of the uncanny; this serves to amplify this particular taste.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1947
Publisher: Rinehart