A FAITH OF OUR OWN by Austin Farrer
Kirkus Star


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You will read half way through the sixth of these completely charming homilectical essays before you come to an explanation of the title,- which is that while we must each come to a faith of our own, we can never do it by ourselves but always within the body of believers. Sometimes you will wonder whether there is any continuity in the thirty sections, but when the book is finished it will clearly be all of one piece. This is a completely fascinating book which stimulates the mind and the heart. People will buy it to give each other, and any preacher that reads it will experience an immediate flowering of preaching power. The Preface by C. S. Lewis fits the work remarkably well. The religious professionals may well buy this, but for their sake the layman in large numbers should take it home. There just are not many books like this at all.

Publisher: World