TERESA Or Life Among the Poets by Austin Gray

TERESA Or Life Among the Poets

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Teresa' two years as Byron's mistress, the focal point of her life, with a somewhat sketchy outline of the years prior to her fatal meeting with the poet and following his desertion of her for the cause of Greek independence, a period when she pursued the futile search for happiness. Her convent life and aristocratic background, her marriage to the aged but wealthy Count Guicc, her choice of Byron as her amico, accepted until she and Byron refused to live and love within thecods. Expelled by the Count for indiscretion and by the Church for implication in a revolt, Teresa and Byron went to Pisa where they were joined by the Shelleys and the Hunts. And here after brief happiness, Byron lost Allegra, his beloved Shelley- and Teresa lost her amico. Her life out down at 22, she wandered over the continent, became the intimate of Hortense Beauharnais, the mistress of Lamartine and Henry Fox, and finally married the Marquis de Boissy who presented her with pride to his King Louis Phillips as his wife, the former mistress of Lord Byron...A perceptive, authentic biography although Teresa is overshadowed by her illustrious associates. Good reading.

Publisher: Scribner