THE SINGLE EYE by Austin Pardue


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Many readers have come to look to Austin Pardue, Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh, for practical, forthright and vigorous direction in many things ""belonging to the spirit"". In this his latest book they will not be disappointed. Here he gives his readers in brief, challenging chapters an analysis of the fears that haunt them and the prescriptions for their cure that a living faith provides. In the second part of the book he outlines the nature of prayer, and its results when resolutely practised, accompanied by specific suggestions on how to pray, what to pray for, and how to make a dynamic communion. Though he gives much attention to practical detail, Bishop Pardue never loses sight of the Eternal God who is the inspirer of man's faith and the final goal of his quest. An excellent book for Lenten reading for Protestant laymen.

Publisher: Merehouse-Gorham