TRUDI AND HANSEL: A Story of the Austrian Tyrol by Averil Demuth

TRUDI AND HANSEL: A Story of the Austrian Tyrol

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This is a fairy tale told in such matter of fact manner that it seems like a might-be-true story. The setting is a valley in the Tyrol, presided over by the giant of the mountain. And the little children whose adventures climbing that mountain, to set things right for the village in the valley, seem fairly normal children, until one realizes that they converse freely with Berni the Dog, Gambo the Goat, Kraak the Jackdaw, and Lotti the Cow, all of whom join them in their adventures. The story has a certain amount of charm, and children who like imaginative tales will enjoy it. Not wholly convincing in its illusion, however, and lacking the humor that makes the Brooks and Lofting books classics of their kind.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1938
Publisher: Winston