SHAPE OF DANGER by Axel Kielland
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Books of this type are Little, Brown's long suit, it would seem. Here is a sobering, sanguine story of underground resistance in Norway, less well groomed perhaps than Helen MacInnes and Martha Albrand, but a hard, terse tale which is high in violence and suspense. Here are the members of a small unit:-Otto, whose wife had been killed, too slowly, by the Nazis, and who was out for revenge; Gingernuts, the burglar, who fought for the hell of it; and Iben, the Black Market's best customer, professional charmer and dilettante de lux, who became one of them when he fell in love with Petter, gentle and implacable. Various episodes of human salvage and anti-Nazi sabotage narrow down their chances as they circumvent Hahn, Nazi head-man. But the whole thing cracks up when Iben and Otto mine a Nazi factory in the mountains, are put on the wanted list, and -- with Otto dead -- Iben and Petter and Gingernuts escape across the border, and only succeed through Gingernuts' suicidal, delaying last action...An unprettified, uncompromising and holding story.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1945
Publisher: Little, Brown