DEFENCE OF THE WEST by B. H. Liddell Hart


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A serious, well-informed military analyst and historian considers the military situation of Western Europe, with appraisals and recommendations for its defence in a war with Russia. The book falls into five parts. Part I deals with blunders of the last war, French military orthodoxy leading up to the 1940 collapse, failure to clean up in Africa in 1941 (much of this based on interviews with German generals), Germany's lack of tank transport in Russia, the policy of unconditional surrendar and fostering resistance movements...Part II, titled ""Tomorrow"", considers the next war, and here the author recommends a minimum land force to check the Russian spearheads, with preponderant effort concentrated on air strength. Part III surveys Russia's forces today, and describes the unused airborne forces as the ""ace up Stalin's sleeve"". Part IV considers unification, the future of armored forces, conscription, and the Army reorganized for greater flexibility. Finally, Part V reviews such problems as an international police force, disarmament, and limitations of war. Dated by the swift passage of history with the Korean War, nonetheless there are enough basic issues to make it of interest to the armchair strategist.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1950
Publisher: Morrow