O MEN OF GOD by B. Iddings Bell
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Each year the Bishop of London asks an outstanding rector to write a Lenten book. Eliot's The Christian in His Blindness (in the opinion of many people the best and most helpful book they have ever read) published three years ago, made this choice the most eagerly awaited of the Spring Religious Books. Twice Americans have been asked to write the book -- first, Bishop Brent the famous bishop of Western New York and delegate to Geneva, and this year Bernard Iddings Bell, Canon of Providence, a man on whom you get varied reactions, for he has staunch supporters and equally staunch enemies, who, whether they admire Dr. Bell or not, must admit he is an able writer and if they will go as far as to read his book they will find it helpful and challenging. It is fairly strong medicine for the average reader of inspirational books in its theology and practice but the style is modern and fluent enough to carry the reader along. Your market is primarily the Episcopal Church, the high Churchmen and the customers who have learned to look forward to the Bishop of London's Choice for Lenten Reading.

Publisher: Longmans, Green