THE BLUE CUP and Other Stories by B. J. Chute

THE BLUE CUP and Other Stories

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Most of these stories have appeared in popular magazines; most of them would be labeled ""for women"". But the revealing thing about the collection is that the stories re-read in many instances better than they read the first time, and are definitely not to be pigeonholed for women. There's the skillful craftsmanship demanded of good magazine fiction; but there is more -- there is a sound concept, a challenging idea, a basic emotional quality in almost every story. Several Christmas stories deal with children, and while they have the prescribed ingredients, each story has an almost O Henry twist to the climax. Birthday The and the Kallikaks and The Outcasts approach social problems from fresh angles, with telling results. There's poignancy and humorous understanding in the stories dealing with ""the older ones"". All in all, a collection that will fill many a demand for worthwhile reading without the use of shock techniques, sordid realism, etc. Here -- for instance- is an excellent choice for a convalescent, and anyone whose concentration span is short- and mind unimpaired.

Publisher: Dutton