LOOK TO BEYOND by B. Montagu Scott


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A solid, stolid novel of the tortuous road to spiritual and mental peace encompasses the life of Mark Robb and his large brood of brothers and sisters. With an exmissionary father, who is at odds with his Highland parish, and a mother whose sickness is continually bested by her hopefulness, Mark felt and knew the corrosive inadequacies that made him of lesser stuff than his twin, Matt. It was Matt who ran the household after their mother's death, Matt who was brave, Matt who poached to feed the children -- and Matt who ran away when jail threatened. Mark escapes into the church, forces himself to apply for active service when war comes, and takes his Glasgow living as a challenge where he can spend himself completely. Matt's return, a wanted man, forestalls Mark's unwanted marriage and the Roman Catholic Church takes him from his calling, only to offer him a deeper vocation. After long preparation he is called to Uganda where his good works are bettered when he dedicates himself to the lepers, -- his weaknesses at last conquered. Exact -- and expansive.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1952
Publisher: Roy