POETRY IN OUR TIME by Babette Deutsch


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Almost anyone interested in poetry will be interested in this book, as the reasoned work of a competent and respected poet. It is confessedly a book of primarily personal opinion, which does not go far enough below the surface to be rated as an exhaustive or comprehensive critique. Her basis for judgement rests on what she says of Kipling:- ""The poet who tries to set down honestly what he sees and feels, and who has command of his craft, earns pardon for the most mistaken opinions"". This is a view which many young intellectuals would combat, but which allows the author the privilege of enjoying and praising poets as dissimilar as Pound and Frost, Masefield and Hardy. This should prove a rewarding and painless introduction to modern poetry for those who away from it as too obtuse. Those already acceptant and familiar with modern verse enjoy encountering some of the less publicized poets included among those Miss Deutsch examines.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1952
Publisher: Holt