A PARTY FOR GROWNUPS by Babette Rosmond


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From the lighter laughter of The Dewy; Dewy Eyes, to a considerably sharper sophistication in the story of an extramarital excursion. Jim, a doctor, with no cash, no character and no practice, bored by his marriage to Pauline who kept him well, found in liquor only one way out. Peg, with one marriage behind her and many affairs, with an unappeasable hunger for the unattainable, decides that Jim will be her last- meets him in New York for a week. Both the victims of their adolescent weaknesses, indulgences they have never learned to restrain, the affair quickly degenerates in quarreling, Jim goes home to Pauline, and Peg, in pique, decides to marry a well-fed, well-dressed man from Wall Street. Meeting Jim once again, he makes her go through with it, as both accept the hopelessness of change... For women with worldlier tastes, this has a bitter smartness.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton