FANCY'S KNELL by Babs H. Deal


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Things just happen... They give a fair taste of hell to some folks, and other folks just read about it in the papers."" That's a fair obituary for Fancy, and for the book which is about the kind of murder you would read about in a tabloid if they had a tabloid in a small town in the South such as this, along with a little moral editorializing about people. Fancy and Howard Tyler are outsiders and when Fancy is found naked, raped by two people, and dead on the dock, the town is pretty close-mouthed about all of its citizenry while Howard Tyler, eventually to his sorrow, tries to find out who did it without realizing what she was doing there in the first place.... The story's all right but this is never more than second class stuff to begin and end with.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1966
Publisher: Doubleday