A SOLDIER IN SCIENCE by Bailey K. Ashford


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A vitally important autobiography, this life story of a famous scientist and physician, and a book for the lay reader as well as for every alert medical man and scientist, for Army men, for the vast audience that found fascination in MICROBE HUNTERS. The book falls into two main sections:- the adventure of scientific research, starting with the investigations in Puerto Rico into the causes and cure of hookworm, and rounding out the circle with international recognition for his contributions to the understanding of the mysterious tropical sprue; and the adventure of the World War, where he worked out the plans for the School of War for American officers in France, and studied the French and English hospital systems everywhere on the Western Front. It's exciting reading, and from the scientific viewpoint, a more important book than the same publisher's last June headliner. ARCHES OF THE YEARS. From the human angle, it is perhaps less absorbing, for its pace is set by the scientist rather than the man. A book that is sure to get wide publicity, a good press, and a back of advertising.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1934
Publisher: Morrow