MY FRIENDS, THE APES by Balle J. Beachley
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My Late in a Man-Made Jungle was one of our favorite books. Everyone who read it -- so far as I could discover -- shared our enthusiasm. But the book failed to click. Maybe this may have a wider sale, for there is almost a cult of enthusiasts who may not like other animal books but like books about apes. And maybe this will help put the first book back in the running. Here's a tip to the adventurous book-seller. When a customer asks for something ""pleasant, different, not about the war, and not an historical novel either"" -- why not do a real job of selling the idea of reading something of this sort instead of an innocuous novel of no permanent value? After which digression -- here goes. Mrs. Henchley tells fascinating, heartbreaking, beguiling tales about her ""friends, the apes"", -- from the tiny spider monkeys to the and inspiring gerilias. She would have us respect them as animals with a high grade intelligence, not as low-grade half-humans. She writes with case, humor, sympathy.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown