WALK HUMBLY by Barbara B. Stevens
Kirkus Star


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A first novel of unusual quality, gauged to the interest of the Margaret Ayre Barnes' audience. The story of a marriage all too human in its achievement and failures in understanding and contentment. Joe Gordon keeps Drusilla, his newly won wife in their Vermont home town, where he is the village doctor, but takes her out of her environment of social importance. Rebelling, quarreling, eventually they come together through their common problems and sorrows. In sharp contrast is the marriage of headstrong Emily, who chose wealth instead of love -- and saw her marriage wrecked on the rock of scandal and divorce. Well-filled-in human background, Drusilla's likeable parents, colored Leah who bosses them all, village folk and family. Your Dorothy Canfield readers will like it. First rate story and able handling of real problems against a fine setting. The publishers are taking substantial advertising space in metropolitan papers. A good bet.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin