DRAGONSEEDS by Barbara Banks


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Ruth Tregellas has everything going for her. She is the long-lost possible heir to Dragonseeds, a gorgeous mansion filled with oriental carvings, obscure menaces, and hidden corpses. She has been reunited with a family known for fratricide and a genetic curse, not to mention sheer bloody-minded bad manners: one of them is trying to kill her. Since Ruth has amnesia (she was hit by a car as she hit town), she has no notion of what's going on. She may even be an impostor--she can't remember herself--and keeps asking unfortunate questions about her mother, who left Dragonseeds under a cloud before she was born. Two suitors compete for her wobbly favors: one negligible, the other Dominic, the standard dark, arrogant lord-of-the-manor type who conceals a secret tenderness. Can she marry him if he turns out to be her brother? ""My stomach twitched with apprehension. . . ."" An amnesiac fog like unto Ruth's own steals over the reader as the plot moves from the mysterious to the preposterous; the author is, alas, sowing poppy seeds, not dragon seeds.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's