THE STORY OF TIT'BE, And His Friend Mourfette by Barbara Bingley

THE STORY OF TIT'BE, And His Friend Mourfette

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Brushed aside by older brothers and sisters, sent off to play alone by Maman, six year old Tit'Be turns to the woods surrounding his French Canadian home for solace. The first creature be befriends is Mourfette, a baby skunk; the second is a wise Indian named Chl-chl Wah-wah. Despite the anti-social connotations of having a skunk pet, in the face of local superstition which has labeled the animal ""the Devil's child"", Tit'Be has a wonderful summer in the forest. There are adventures with beavers and chipmunks, the discovery of a and the excitement of sharing his secret with the Indian and kindly Father Martin. Of course he has a difficult time avoiding the curiosity of his twin sisters. Superstition and legend are proven invalid finally when Mourfette saves Tit'Be's life by squirting his spray a feroclous moose before an attack on Tit'Be. It is a wiser and older Tit'Be who boards the school bus that September morning with news that he is henceforth to be called by his rightful name, Francois. The Story has action and colorful regional interest, but for this age group there is the hurdle of the central character being a six year old.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1962
Publisher: Aberlard-Schuman