THESE FRAGILE OUTPOSTS by Barbara Blau Chamberlain


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A summation and supposition about the geological life of Cape Cod, Nanucket and Martha's Vineyard, this reads with a calm surety of careful research. The author first surveys the historical story, following a natural chronological rder to trace the creation of the Cape and the Islands from the first clues in the Cretaceous period through the Pleistocene or Ice Age to the present Recent poch. In the second section of her book, she goes on to look at ""the unresting ecorative agencies active today on Cape-Island surfaces and shores"" and looks to the seemingly inevitable future when the sea will claim the lands (there is an increasing rate of erosion), but when new lands may rise in their stead. Systematic and technical, this should appeal to those with some geological background and interest in the region. Appendices include a complete bibliography of Cape-Island geology.

Publisher: Doubleday