POWER FAILURE by Barbara Bools


Why Women Said "No" to Top Management Positions - Six Inside Stories to Help Others Say "Yes"
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Executive recruiters Bools and Swan, together with psychologist/consultant Julia Targ, show us how and why women who are finally near the top experience power failures: they sabotage their own careers without any help from men or business. The authors follow six power-ambitious women through their careers and lives. When offered irresistibly influential positions, the women turn them down, a move that often leads to personal failure as well as career collapse. At the core of each woman's power failure is a Freudian saboteur, a root problem that must be identified and resolved before it can be exorcised. Also germane to the cause of a woman's power failure is that she often invests too much in relationships. This socially ingrained outlook harms her both directly and indirectly; she puts others first and relates as a server rather than as an equal player. Once the woman learns to act more situationally and conquers her subconscious self-sabotaging mechanism, she will have formidable personal power, which will enable her to follow through with her ambitions for both a successful career and a rich personal life. The text contains fast-moving and gripping accounts of six women's failures and successes--along with just enough analysis to give a push in the right direction. A definite take-along-in-the-taxi-on-the-way-to-a-power-lunch for any woman interested in succeeding in her career and in her life.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1989
ISBN: 312-02632-3
Publisher: St. Martin's
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