JUNGLE DAY by Barbara Bottner


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Bottner's gnomelike brother and sister represent that style of picture-book drawing that makes children cute as bugs while exaggerating their homeliness. Pictured here in very soft pencil are talentless Jackie, trying to make a cutout animal for Jungle Day at school, and little Wayne who pesters her with offers of help. (The only color on the faint black-and-white pages is the sharp purple line of Jackie's inept efforts--a stripeless zebra, a humpless camel--which, she fears, nasty Margaret Hooper will ""make fun of."" But Jackie is consoled when Wayne (""You ought to punch out Margaret Hooper,"" he sympathizes) comes up with the idea of making an imaginary animal by pasting together the best parts of all the rejects. ""Sometimes maybe little brothers are okay""--and so this dubiously motivated domestic drama closes with a hug for Wayne and, implicitly, a nyah-nyah for Margaret Hooper.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Delacorte