WORZEL GUBMIDGE by Barbara Bower
Kirkus Star


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This story of the scarecrow of Scatterbrook Farm is fun, and laughter is at a premium today. Susan and John often spent holidays at the farm and there they encounter this scarecrow who comes to life. (His granfer was a Bogle and that makes everything all right!) Gummidge lived a rich life of his own; he even married a dear scarecrow called Earthy Mangold. They followed the children to the seashore and there were joined by another odd friend, Saucy Nancy, a ship's figurehead who knew some pretty salty songs. Confusing things happen to adults in the book, but children take it all in their stride, and Gummidge with all his moodiness was companionable in his own way. Well written- with lots of zest.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1947
Publisher: Putnam