A DOG I KNOW by Barbara Brenner


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No more than a monologue--with highly conventional, washed-out illustrations--about the traits and vagaries of ""this dog I know"". . . which is, naturally, the dog of the boy (age seven or so) in the pictures. The last words, meant to give the book its little dramatic fillip, go: ""We know each other, this dog and I, because. . . this is my very own dog. And I'm his very own person."" We've heard those words before, of course, usually in a more imaginative context. Nonetheless youngsters may warm to the fond, indulgent tone (""He'll lick your arms, your legs, your face, even your feet if you don't have shoes on. He wants you to know he likes you""); and they may well respond to the very recognizability of the big, ""shaggy, scruffy"" pooch's behavior. Absent, the book wouldn't be missed; but if you had it around, it also wouldn't go unused.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1983
Publisher: Harper & Row