LICORICE by Barbara Briggs


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This little story strikes us as being slight, even for a picture book, and not terribly original, either. Licorice is a little coal-black leopard, born to parents who ""had tan coats with little black doughnuts sprinkled all over them"". A black baby is past their understanding; the mother tries to clean her off and Licorice herself sings worried little verses about it. Help of several other jungle animals is enlisted to get her clean, and she is finally made happy by meeting a beautiful, black leopard who tells her that black leopards are the princes and princesses of their world. The pictures of small, furry Licorice are appealing, if somewhat posterish, and the lovely forest green, as well as the grey and tan, of the illustrations and jacket make a bright and gay book. The faint glimmer of purpose -- the justification of one who feels different or inferior -- would make this useful in libraries frequented by children of minority groups.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1949
Publisher: Aladdin Books