THE MORRIS APPROACH: An Insider 's Guide to Cat Care by Barbara Burn

THE MORRIS APPROACH: An Insider 's Guide to Cat Care

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Burn is as well informed about cats as she is about horses (The Horseless Rider, 1979), but in this case some of the credit must go to her insightful, witty, and elitist editor--Morris the (""9 Lives"" ad Tabby) Cat. It's really a team effort. Burns writes ""Selecting a Cat,"" and Morris counters with ""Or, Selecting an Owner."" The Morris Approach is a cat's idea of good treatment--tasty food, attention to their coat and nails, a nice clean litter box, no big dogs around, a respectable name (not Fuzzy-wuzzy or Twinkletoes), a scratching post (the alternative is your furniture), some catnip toys, and a cat cartier (preferably a Rolls-Royce, if you have one handy). Morris also tells fellow felines how to deal with ailurophobes (cat haters) when they come over for dinner: jump in their laps and on the table, and be sure to shed all over their coats before they leave. In this brief book there's a brief guide to a cat's body language, a brief description of cat breeds, and some useful tips on nutrition, first-aid, and traveling with cats. If you like the ads, you'll love the book.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1980
Publisher: Morrow