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A POINT OF BALANCE by Barbara Collard



Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1954
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls

Again (Remember Me- do you?) a feminine account of some disorderly emotional experiences which follows the unhappy, unsteady progress of Catherine Acton, off to a bad start after the abandonment by her mother. At 17, she joins the Land Army and becomes the protege of an intellectual group in the village where she is stationed. She meets an aging actor-critic, Gregory, who seduces her, and then his son, Terry, who also seduces her and leaves her pregnant. Catherine, rather regretfully, loses the baby- and then goes up to London where she drifts. Terry, now a deserter (these are the war years) comes back and walks out on her- and she agrees, with some misgivings, to marry Major Sandy Bush, a Catholic whose faith she does not share and whose love eventually bores her- to the point where she returns to Terry.... There's not much substance here to Catherine- just a rather trusting, romantic submissiveness. Rentals.