YOU'RE ALLEGRO DEAD by Barbara Corcoran


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Stella's mother and her old camp chums have the idea of starting up a camp like the one they went to--""a good old-fashioned all-around camp for normal girls""--and Stella and best-friend Kim, both 12, are roped in: a pretty good starting point for a return to the old rah-rah camp days that turns into the thinnest, dumbest sort of mystery. With nary a character who can be so much as characterized--apart from nasty show-off Nicole (saddled with a ""monstrous"" mother)--even the daily doings fall fiat. But there aren't many of those: mostly we're meant to wonder who left a recent silver dollar under the boat-house, who stole a bag of flour, who threw rocks at Stella, etc.--who's hanging around and trying to protect his turf. Turns out to be a local bank robber, whose reasons for not taking flight are no more convincing than his presence in the story to start with. Meanwhile the fun that could have been gotten from putting today's young females in a camp set up to their mothers' taste is almost totally dissipated.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum