DRUGS: Facts on Their Use and Abuse by

DRUGS: Facts on Their Use and Abuse

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THE LAW IS CLEAR, / THE PENALTIES ARE SEVERE, / THE ODDS ARE POOR, BUT / THE CHOICE IS YOURS!"" Not much more than a pamphlet, this has most of the basic facts about drugs but the no-no attitude is so obtrusive that no one will accept it as a dispassionate investigation. Separate sections cover Stimulants and Depressants, Hallucinogens, Marijuana, Narcotics, and Volatile Chemicals, indicating origins, effects on users (immediate and, when known, long-term) and the type of dependence (physical or psychological) that each creates. Legal ramifications and the vocational discrimination that former users encounter are also enumerated. The chapter on marijuana incorporates the comparative arguments against tobacco and alcohol and notes that 80% of the narcotics addicts polled had previously used marijuana; it does not indicate what percentage of marijuana users do not go on to other drugs. In being so determined it is less of a reading stimulant than Hyde's more probing Mind Drugs (1968, p. 1128, J-424) which suggests alternatives and has a more substantial understanding of reasons for widespread use, but the slightly surreal / psychedelic illustrations may catch the eye.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1969
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard