KATYDIDS: The Singing Insects by Barbara Ford

KATYDIDS: The Singing Insects

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As in How Birds Learn to Sing (1975), Ford has more to say than her indifferently organized, dull-looking presentation would suggest. Most illuminating are the glimpses of how individual scientists study katydids: we meet Dr. David Rentz, a classification specialist; Dr. Glenn Morris, who records katydid songs in the field and then deciphers their messages in his laboratory; and graduate student David Nickle who raises pink, orange, and yellow mutants at the University of Florida. Ford even tells of an Oregon high school student who discovered a new species on his own, though youngsters who try to emulate him by following Ford's suggestions for collecting and mounting katydids might Well be frustrated by the scanty and scattered information on identifying katydid subfamilies. An extra, with most potential for self-starters.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1976
Publisher: Messner