POEMS by Barbara Guest


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This volume of very obscure and very modern verse has been written by a young women who has been more closely identified by her painting in connection with a group of abstract artists in New York City. Her verse belongs to a similar school. It remains closed and , in spite of an occasional elegant phrase and a wealth of sensuous terms. Some of this poetry has appeared in Commentary. The Partisan Review, The Evergreen Review and other avant garde publications. Edwin Muir said recently in The Estate of Poetry that poetry's effective range and influence have diminished alarmingly in the modern world, and Miss Guest will not reverse this trend. Her poetry is too private, too elliptic, and if we can venture a guess at the meaning, too trivial. Without being truly lyrical, it makes no attempt to express the ""great themes"" which Muir believes essential for poetry's renascence.

Publisher: Doubleday