BELOVED LADY by Barbara Jefferis


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A courtly piece of romancing enfolds the Paston papers and Margery Paston, 14, with her determination to wed none other than Richard Calle, her father's bailiff. Counted ""greensick"" by her mother, refusing the offers of advantageous marriage, holding by her own true love, Margery confronts the church, her family's punishments and disdain, and her family's enemies to stand strong in her love for Calle. She lodges in one after another of the inherited, but hotly disputed, Paston holdings; Calle is parted from her; her mother withstands sieges of all sorts against their castle walls; the ""sickness"" that takes her father, sister, brother and servant does not make her falter in her firmness against Father Gloy who would persuade her to submit to her parents' requests, and she is ready to help Calle defend Caister -- almost to the death -- against invaders. 15th century England with all its internal turmoil is the background for a maid's steadfastness of love -- and faith. For a serious historically minded audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1955
Publisher: Morrow -- Sloane