THE WILD GRAPES by Barbara Jefferis


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Mary, whose two earlier marriages were ended by divorce and death, is about to try again, and her natural hesitation is heightened when she meets the four, rather formidable, older, unmarried brothers and sisters of Charles Russel, still the ""baby"" at 36. However this family's live members are not as frightening as some of its cupboard skeletons, and the curious circumstances in which others (there were originally 11 children) died. References, casually dropped, reveal what Charles has perhaps not meant to conceal; that Rowena, who has brought them all up and is still insidiously possessive, had pushed her baby sister through a porthole; that their father had suicided, apparently without motive; and finally that there is still one Russel to be accounted for and laid to rest before Mary and Charles can escape past history and present personalities... A facile, feminine entertainment which will catch your attention and keep it secure-no more.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Morrow-Sloane