ONE BLACK SUMMER by Barbara Jefferis


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So many grey cells predominate over red corpuscles here (although there is one casualty, assumed to be murder) that the market may be a dual one. In a summer school for the arts, where they pot, they paint, they write, a highly unpleasant atmosphere is generated by the sketches and limericks, poisonously penned and wickedly punned, directed against some of the personnel. Particularly against Martin Byrne, devastating to all women, who has been involved with some of the tutors and many of his students, on the premises, along with an old friend and his stepson. Seymour Drane, a teacher there for the first time, is an apologetic antihero throughout the proceedings but attempts to figure out these practical jokes and jeux d'esprit. The novel shows a great deal of intellectual agility and the scene made, this creative culturama, lends itself to just this kind of clever caricature.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1966
Publisher: Morrow