STARGAZER TO THE SULTAN by Barbara K. & Mine Sumer Walker
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Thus it was that the little woodcutter was enabled to dwell happily with his wife within the wall of the sultan's palace, with stomach for his food, and with eyes always for the stars, those endless reminders of the care of Allah for even one small grasshopper of a man."" With even more skill than in the earlier just Say Hic! and Hillili and Dillili, Mrs. Walker and her Turkish collaborator have succeeded in preserving and vitalizing a traditional story in a form that reads and tells equally well. It's the familiar situation of the poor man forced by his greedy wife to pose as a seer, then assisted by his own unwitting words in finding the answer. But this stargazer is no charlatan; how he divests himself of his heavy responsibility, while still retaining his rewards, adds a new twist. And Joseph Low's glowing illustrations, chalky-textured and tutti-frutti colored, provide an immediate appeal. A delightful book that should do as well as it should.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press