THE QUESTIONERS: Physicists and the Quantum Theory by Barbara Lovett Cline

THE QUESTIONERS: Physicists and the Quantum Theory

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We will never forget the Quantum Theory, not that we ever really got to know it. It was at that point in our insane attempt to take an advanced mathematics course that the question of our eventual graduation came up, much to the unbecoming hilarity of the professor. At the time, in an effort to forget, we went on a novel reading binge. It was the old, old story. One book lead to another until we reached the delirium tremens stage for addicted readers -- constant reviewing. And now, it arises to drive us even further into escape reading. All of the people we might have called on to review this book as competently as it should be, have been inconsiderate and undedicated enough to go on exotic vacations. So... 1.) There hasn't been another for younger readers. 2.) The subjects of the book are important to young people for both their development of the Quantum Theory and the fact that they were Nobel Prize Winners (and finding out about Nobel Prize Winners seems to be a broadcast assignment). 3.) This is an area where our most advanced students need more ready information. 4.) The biographical passages read easily and clearly. The book is to be illustrated with diagrams and photographs. Sincerey yours, A Traumatized Reviewer.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1965
Publisher: Crowell